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It is the middle ground between design and engineering, between science and art. Where invention meets elegance, where glassblowing mixes with experiment, where world-class artisanship fraternizes with everyday life. It is the dimension which we call Super Duper Studio!

Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson
Berkeley, California


SDS Personnal File: Johnson, Matthew

  • Rank: Co-Founder
  • Email: matt@superduperstudio.co
  • Current Assignment: Design Principal, Super Duper Studio
  • Place of Birth: De Moines, Iowa, USA, Earth
  • Education: Grinnell College, Cooper Union, CCA
  • Special Skills: industrial design, art history, ceramics
  • Pets: 1 Tuffy, 1 cat
  • Other Interests: The woods, soccer

SDS Personnal File: Yamane, Christopher

  • Rank: Co-Founder
  • Email: chris@superduperstudio.co
  • Current Assignment: Design Principal, Super Duper Studio
  • Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Earth
  • Education: Brown University, RISD, CCA
  • Special Skills: glassblowing, industrial design, physics
  • Pets: 2 normal Golden Retrievers, 1 Golden Doodle
  • Other Interests: Camping, Go, medium/heavy board games


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