Glassmaking Process - Lucky Break Bowls

For most people, the process of glassblowing is a mystery.

To show off the properties that make the material so fun and interesting from our perspective, we wanted to document the entire process of making one object. Glassblowing has so many actions that need to work together with precise timing, all while trying to keep the material from dripping on the floor, that you almost always need to blow as a team. We would like to thank our friend and glassblower Alex Abajian from Glow Glass Studio in Oakland, CA who helped us blow these Lucky Break bowls.  You'll be seeing the process both from Alex's perspective and from mine.

We applied the same color process from our Lucky Break drinking glasses to make a pasta bowl and a serving bowl which we just finished.

Christopher Yamane is an industrial designer and Co-Founder of Super Duper Studio