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[Unedited] Glassblowing in 1st Person

It's rare to see the process of glassblowing and even more unusual to get to see the it from the artisan's perspective.

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Glassmaking Process - Lucky Break Bowls

The glassblowing is mysterious. To show off the properties that make the material so fun, we documented the entire process of making one object.

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Chance as a Tool for Design?

For our latest project, the Lucky Break drinking glass, we’ve been exploring chance and asking the question, “can we use chance as a tool in the design process?”

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The Science Behind the Saturn Glass

At some point during our development of the Saturn Rocks Glass, we realized that we didn't fully understand the why the original Saturn Wine Glasses work as well as they do. For the longest time, we thought it was just the ledge that kept our glass from spilling, but it turns out it is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. Somewhere around version 5 of the our new rocks glass, we had to fully analyze the physics of our wine glasses, and here's what we found.

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Development of Typographic Glassware

“The stretch of time between when you wake up, and when you first interact with some piece of type that someone has drawn, is probably only a couple of seconds.”

-Tobias Frere-Jones, Design Matters, Dec. 2015)

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