CCA MFA Design Thesis Exhibition

Year: 2014
Category: Exhibition Design
Role: Concept, Logo Design, Exhibition Preparation

Matthew Johnson
Catherine Lee
Tim Carpenter
Wioleta Kamiska
Carolyn Packer
Agustin Plancarte Fexas
Jenifer Schnell
Jacqueline Ho

The CCA Graduate Design department is transdisciplinary. This means that all graduate design students, regardless of professional focus, produce work that overlaps the three major design disciplines: graphic, interaction, and industrial. Accordingly, the CCA MFA Design exhibition for 2014 seeks to emphasize each student’s unique engagement with a broad spectrum of design media, ideas, and intentions.

As a way to organize the show, each student was asked to measure the influence of the three disciplines on his or her thesis work. By quantifying these relationships and using them as axes, I designed a program to generate a triangular logo with a unique color for every project. The shape and color of each logo positioned each project in a specific gallery space, and revealed unexpected affinities between thesis investigations.