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We distribute our glass exclusively through our website so that we can control the customer experience, and make sure that you are provided with the most personal customer service we can.


When you choose SDS glass you’re not only choosing glassware that will last for years with proper care, but you also get our very personal level of post-purchase customer support, and the reassurance that it has been produced by one of our craftsmen following our strict quality standards.

All Super Duper Studio glass made in the Czech Republic by Novotny Glass and in Oakland, California at Glow Glass Studio.

Counterfeits or copies are inevitably cheaply-made imitations that do not offer the same quality or functionality assurances of genuine Super Duper Studio products. They can be made with questionable, flimsy materials in unregulated factories.


Unfortunately, cheap knockoffs of our products do exist, and the ONLY way to be absolutely sure that the item you are buying is genuine when shopping online is to purchase directly from NOT from Amazon or any other 3rd party.

Be especially wary of websites that offer “Saturn Glasses” on sale or at deep discounts. If you are offered a “Saturn Glass” at a price that is cheaper than what is listed on our website, or if the photography seems "off" or of marginal quality, the listing is is an imitation.

Any website that offers to ship you Super Duper Studio products or Saturn Glasses from another country into the U.S. is operating illegally. You may receive a counterfeit product or nothing at all.

Bottom line, knockoffs distributed online are at an all time high! Be cautious and ONLY shop from authorized retailers.