Fuller Moon

Small: 14.4” diameter, 2.2 lbs
Large: 28.8” diameter, 6.2 lbs

Year: 2015
Category: Pendant lamp
Material: Sandblasted acrylic faces, 3D-printed connectors, nylon fasteners
Electronics: 20’ cord, half-chrome LED bulb
Assembled with UL listed electrical components
Design: Christopher Yamane

Made to order, takes about 3 weeks.
Custom sizes available upon request
For pricing and sales inquiries, please contact us directly: info@superduperstudio.net

Fuller Moon is simultaneously poetic, mathematical, and utilitarian.  

Its satin finished acrylic faces evenly distribute light without direct glare, the dimmable LED bulb is rated to last 50,000 hours and produces almost zero wasted energy in heat, soothing warm temperature light reduces the sleep disrupting effects of blue wavelengths, and self-stabilizing geometry allows for a small amount of material to enclose a large volume.  Also, looks like the moon.

Fuller Moon expands on the experiments of visionary architect Buckminster Fuller

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