Instructions, Algorithms, Scores...

Year: 2014
Category: MFA Design Thesis
Materials: Drawing, Computer-generated prints, 3D Printed ABS Plastic, Book
Programming Languages: Processing, Grasshopper, Rhinoscript
Design: Christopher Yamane

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For Chris’s MFA design thesis at California College of the arts he explored using procedural systems and instructions to generate images and forms, as an alternative to intuitive form making. The goal was for this methodology to yield surprising results that could not be premeditated. 
This project was developed in tandem with Toward Post-Industrial Product Semantics.

In order to develop the methodology, Chris wrote repeatable sets of instructions and tested their effects on the production of images and objects. These studies included drawings executed by hand, drawings executed by code, and manually-assembled, functional light sculptures made of modular, algorithmically-generated 3D-printed parts.