Memorial for Pluto

Year: 2012
Design Lead: Christopher Yamane
Consulting Physicist: Michael Wagman
Signalman: Rèal Provencher


Memorial for Pluto was a belated apology/farewell monument, radio, and event honoring the de-planetization of Pluto.

A call was sent for participants to write apology/farewell letters to Pluto in conjunction with the memorial. During the event, the letters were read aloud and translated into Morse code by Rèal Provencher and transmitted via home-made, high frequency radio (contained inside the monument) from the Ladd Observatory at Brown University.

We popped some bottles of champagne and everyone read their letters while Rèal translated the messages into Morse code. With the help of physicist and friend of the studio Michael Wagman, calculations were made for aiming the transmissions. After each letter was sent, we re-calculated and adjusted the antenna’s launch angle to make sure Pluto would keep receiving our messages as it orbited.