Orbit Conditions

Year: 2014
Materials: Found 3D Models, Computer-generated Prints
Programming Languages: Rhinoscript
Design: Christopher Yamane 


Orbit Conditions was developed as part of Chris’s design MFA thesis. The project investigates how procedural design strategies can be applied to any topic of interest— in this case, the moon. The goal was to design a system to generate an infinite number of unique glyphs, whose forms maintained reference to their topic. 

A set of lunar spacecraft was taken from Google’s SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Chris imported the models into Rhino and wrote a RhinoScript to pick objects, generate the required random values, spin, project, and edit the resulting vectors. Because the process is built around chance instead of artistic intention and allows the designer choose any 3D model, following these instruction manual below should provide an infinite number of possible outcomes.