Caring For Your Glassware

Dishwashing is always the safest way to was your glass because it requires the least amount of handling, but you still have to be careful. Try to avoid loading our glass next to other very heavy or thick dishware so they don't knock into each other as you're opening the door or unloading.

After washing, try to avoid quick changes in temperature. Do not run a hot glass under cool water or the thermal shock could break it.

Quality Control and Variation:

We celebrate variations in texture, sizes, and finish, that, we feel, adds to the charm of what we do. Every piece is still carefully inspected to make sure it is unique but not flawed. We carefully inspect all of our pieces for quality, to make sure that none of these variations compromise their durability. If a defect does slip by us, we will gladly replace it and offer a one year warranty for proven defects.