The Saturn® Glass is the original spill proof wine glass. The first of its kind, the Saturn Glass’s contemporary design is a mix of Italian and Scandinavian glass blowing traditions which feels at home both while cosying up after work, or while hosting formal guests. 

To prepare the material for each cup, the molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold by master glass artisans in the Czech Republic. Each glass is then annealed overnight (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve material stresses), cut, and polished by hand.

Spill resistant design

Each Saturn holds one restaurant-sized pour of it's particular drink while staying spill safe. Because it stands upright, its unspillable nature quickly fades into the background, but is always there when you really need it, ready to catch itself from an over enthusiastic gesture or misplaced elbow.

master craftsmanship

Every Saturn Glass is blown and cut by master craftsmen in the Czech Republic giving it a quality that machines can’t match and a personal touch than can only be imbued by hand. The material is thickest at the bottom and gradually gets thinner toward the mouth of the glass to make it feel sturdy in the hand, but delicate as it touches your lip.

lead-free crystal

Our Saturn Glasses are crafted from a Swedish, lead-free crystal giving them high strength and an incredible sparkle which does not cloud over time like your grandparents crystalware. They are also completely dishwasher-safe making them easy to clean up after hosting your friends for one too many bottles.

Saturn ®

Materials: Lead-free crystal, Dishwasher-safe
Design: Matthew Johnson and Christopher Yamane
Crafted by: Novotny Glass (CZ)