Lucky Break is a family of hand-blown glassware made with a process which gives every vessel its own unexpected and completely unique color composition. The colors warp, twist, and flow as the molten glass is shaped ensuring each piece is impossible to replicate. Design, engineering, and world-class craftsmanship come together in perfect balance to make each piece exclusively yours.

No Two Ever Alike

Instead of carefully composing each pattern, we developed a system for randomly applying color to the outer layer of the molten glass. As they melt, the colors warp and twist providing infinite possible outcomes.

Unbeatable craftsmanship

Every Lucky Break vessel is blown and cut in Oakland, California giving it a quality that machines can’t match and a personal touch than can only be imbued by hand.

Practical design

Study but delicate.  We balance the distribution of glass so it feels both comfortably solid for everyday use and delicately refined.  

Lucky Break

Hand-blown glass
Dishwasher safe

Glass design: Matthew Johnson and Christopher Yamane
Graphic design: Praree Kittidumkerng
Crafted by: Alexander Abajian and Christopher Yamane